How to us must-have “how-to/tips” content for developing links to your site.

Let’s look at the process for quickly creating your list of must-have “how-to/tips” content and then how to use this content for developing links to your site.

Why “how-to/tips” content?
How-to content speaks broadly to an industry’s pains. Solving pains with content leads to links and targeted traffic.

Oke lets start…

1. Select Appropriate Keywords
You will use two or three high-level market defining keywords (MDKWs), as well as one or two informative content descriptors such as [“how to”], [tips], [guide to], [Top * Ways], etc…

2. Construct Your Competitive Content Analysis Queries
For a quick check, only create one or two queries. If you’re building out a bread baking site your queries could look like: [“bake bread” “how to”] and [“guide to” “baking bread”]. In these cases, the MDKWs are “baking bread” and “bake bread,” while the content descriptors are “how to” and “guide to.”

Once you have an idea of how the process works and you’re ready to really dig into your space, consider using 10 or more carefully grouped queries that are appropriate to your niche (note: not every industry titles its informative content with “how to”).

3. In Advanced Search, Set Your Search Engine to Deliver 100 Results
Before or after searching your queries, set your favorite search engine to deliver you 100 results on a page.

4. Copy and Paste the Organic SERPs into a Text Pad
Once you conduct your search, carefully select all the title and snippet content from the organic section of the SERPs. Copy this content and paste it into a text pad. Repeat this process for all of your queries, being careful not to paste over your previously pasted SERPs!

5. Count Phrase Occurrences Within the Ranking How-To Content
To identify what topics occur most frequently in the ranking how-to content in your space, paste all of the content from your text pad into the Phrase Occurrence Content Analysis Tool. Look at the most commonly occurring six-, five-, four-, three-, and two-word phrases from your SERP set.

6. List Your Informative Content Titles
By adding 200 SERP listings from these two searches [“bake bread” “how to”] and [“guide to” “baking bread”], we find common phrases, such as “beginner’s guide to baking bread” (11 times), “a guide to whole grain breadmaking” (six times), “bake bread on the grill” (five times), and “bread without an oven” (six times).

We also uncover some important bread-related concepts, such as “bread the five families of bread” (six times). Who knew bread had five families? Well, the content experts in your space knew that. Now you do too and you can research and then reference them when creating your how-to content on baking bread on the grill.

7. Create Better How-To Content
Simply rewriting the how-to content that exists won’t cut it. Once you have your content list created, go back and review the content that’s ranking well for the titles you selected.

Now, how can you one-up this content? See what’s missing such as great pictures, a video, a group interview with industry experts on how they solve this how-to problem, an intuitive organization, exhaustive detail, a downloadable spreadsheet, a simple tool/widget that makes a process easier, etc… Then start creating content.

How to set up your own profitable Amazon aStore

Do you know that you can have your own online store featuring Amazon products? And you can have this store up and running in minutes.

aStore by Amazon is a new Associates product that gives you the power to create a professional online store that can be embedded within or linked to from your website in minutes and without any knowledge of HTML or any other programming skills and best of all there are no fees associated with building an aStore for your website.

aStore is a dedicated shopping area that you can set up on your website in minutes you decide which Amazon products you want to feature you can include all Amazon products or display only the categories that you choose you also have the option of creating your own custom product categories you can also customize your store’s look and feel by selecting colours and design that closely match those of your existing website. aStore also allows you to offer your customers a shopping cart for multiple item purchases plus check out on Amazon is the most trusted store online.

aStore allows you to inform your customers with robust product details, product reviews, product images and information from Amazon including informative product descriptions, Amazon editor product reviews, recommended products, up-to-date product information, Listmania (themed product lists from other Amazon customers).

The aStore wizard will guide you step by step through the process of setting up your aStore and generate a URL to which you can link to or embed in your website. There are 3 ways that you can embed your aStore into your website the quickest and easiest way is via a simple link from your website navigation menu to your aStore as a standalone site this option also includes a link back to your site from each one of your aStore web pages or if you wish you can embed your aStore using an inline frame or embed using a frameset these two methods of embedding your aStore will appear to your visitors as if the aStore is part of your website and enable them to shop without leaving your site.

As an Amazon associate you can create up to 100 aStores and you will earn commissions for every product that is sold to a customer that either purchases directly through your aStore or who subsequently purchases at a later date direct from Amazon.

You can receive your Amazon associates commissions by either direct deposit in to your bank account, a cheque or Amazon gift vouchers.

Affiliate Marketing Success Secrets Revealed

In affiliate marketing, you start selling other people’s products online. Every product owner will pay its affiliates a part of the transaction which can amount to anything upto 75% of the cost of the product. Most of the affiliates with the right tools and knowledge can earn anything up to ten thousand dollars every month from affiliate programs.

But a majority of the affiliates fail miserably in their affiliate efforts or earn insignificant amount of money. Here are some of the Secrets of Success in affiliate marketing:

Secret #1: Treat Affiliate Marketing as a Business

This way, you will be able to give more due and attention to your campaigns. Market an affiliate product as if it were your own. Build a business around it, pre-sell the product by having a pitch page of your own, offer free stuff, follow up and have backend offers to maximize profits from every product you promote. Following this cycle is the Formula of Success in Affiliate Marketing.

Secret #2: Promote Quality Information Products

People are hungry for information. Every day, millions of people are searching online for information. If you really want to make money fast, then I highly recommend that you start selling information products. These products are available for immediate download, have high profit margins and affiliates earn high commissions. If you want to search for information products, visit, open an account and enter ClickBank Marketplace.

Secret #3: Pick up the right products

Choose products that pay about 50% of the sales. Also look for % referred for the product. Anything above 50% is a reasonably good figure. You can search Top 10 products by category i.e. popularity, gravity, $ earned/sale, % earned/sale and % referred.

It may work out that you have chosen a product, but there is very high competition for that product which may force you to pay a very high CPC price. You can chose products for which there is less competition but you still have good chances of making good money as a lot of people are searching for those keywords. Remember, this exercise will involve a lot of home work by carrying out the market analysis. If you have time to spare, ‘’ can help you to some extent. But I recommend Keyword Elite.

Secret #4: Know your Product

If you want to be successful in affiliate marketing, you have to know the products you are promoting. One option is that you buy the product. That will make your task of selling the product easier as you know the product and so can easily convince the people to buy it.

If you don’t want to buy the product, do a good research about the product by going to merchant’s site and know everything about it. Giving your unbiased opinion or review is the best way to warm your prospects up for better sales.

Secret #5: Create quality Ads

This task requires a lot of involvement and innovation on your part. First you have to choose how to advertise your product. PPC advertising is the best bet as your Ads are seen by only targeted visitors. Few points you should keep in mind for while writing your Ads are:

1. AdWords allow a limited amount of text in Ads. Hence ‘brevity’ is the keyword.

2. The only way to stand out from the rest is to be different.

3. Always pre-sell your product with your pitch page.

4. Instill some sort of urgency in your prospects for buying in some limited time.

5. Always bring out free offers if any.

Secret #6: Capture Leads First

Fewer than 5% of the people those see your Ads will buy the product on the first visit. So what happens to the 95% or more who don’t buy?

Another big mistake that people generally make is spending time and money on advertising and send buyers directly to a product owner’s website.

The truth is…If you aren’t capturing your visitor’s name and email address, you’re wasting your money on advertising.
For long-term success in affiliate marketing, you must build an opt-in list of buyers…people who trust you and purchase the products you recommend. You can sell multiple products to the same prospects and maximize your advertising efforts. All you need is a simple pitch page to capture leads and an autoresponder.

Secret #7: Offer a Strong Incentive

If you want people to opt in to your list, you have to give them a strong incentive. If you can create a PDF report on a high-demand topic that’s actually good enough to sell and then give it away, people will like to download it. But how much information you should give away in your free product. Give your customers just sufficient information to make them want more and then recommend a product that fulfills their needs.

Secret #8: Track Your Ads

Tracking is critical for determining how well you’re converting visitors to leads and leads to sales. Sometimes you just need to tweak your ad copy and run the ad again for better results. You may also like to disable the keywords which are not converting.

You need to know how many visitors, leads and sales you get for each ad you place so you can determine whether or not you want to keep using that traffic source or discard it.

Problem Being An Affiliate

Many people will generally have problems of not earning enough money by their affiliations, well I’m here to help.

If you have been doing the internet thing for some time and are thinking what’s the use well good news all those hours of trial and error are leading to something.

You know in yourself when you read all those articles on making money instantly on the net that perhaps its true. That’s what many of these affiliate companies rely on to get your hard earned dollar.

The Truth is there are systems that you can actually make money and not even have to worry about outlaying a cent all it will take is time.

That’s right not to be to smart about it but I spent many hours combing the net to find the one system that done it all well I have.

The best thing about using this free system is IT’s FREE and it’s a high quality system that will make you money.

What many paid systems do is provide you the tools to succeed and leave you on you lonesome.

But what about a free system that provides everything a paid system does plus much more.

1. Manuals
2. Website Templates
3. Help
4. Design services
5. Advice

Make Money with residual

Most affiliates start with Amazon or ebay but please consider alternatives many of these offer higher returns and better support but there is marketing that can help you succeed without lifting a finger that is residual income.

That’s right you want to earn forever or as long as the customer is signed up so that Every time that customer pays their monthly membership fee, you get paid. Honest! It’s called residual affiliate marketing and it can be an amazing way to make money from home on your website. So if some one remains a member of a site for some time then you get a cut of there residual fees.

The best way to maximize this profit stream is to choose the best affiliates with highest income that do residual earnings.

Residual marketing can be an absolute gold mine for some web users. It doesn’t happen automatically though, you’ll need to make sure you link to quality products and services if you expect people to use them again and again and in fact does require some well targeted work to succeed.

So the truth is to make money online you have to do a couple things, one is choose the right program , spend each spare moment working on your site and promoting it and then make sure you update it regularly.

That’s right and with only time you to can succeed give it ago to day and sign up now.

The Past, Present, and Future of Affiliate Marketing

The Good Old Days
Remember the good old days? You’d purchase a domain name, set up your site (with a few swear words here and there), and place some banner ads (while crossing your fingers for the best banner ad click-through results). This all worked great–for a while; until people managed to avoid our banner ads like the plague. Life got more complex. What were us internet marketers to do? We had to become more savvy. Fortunately for us, the affiliate model was introduced.

Ah, the affiliate marketing model. It never hurts to get a little help from your friends, right? Affiliate marketing networks offer a wide range of advantages to businesses. In short: it’s a booming business with dollar signs all around it. Sure, affiliate marketing can be a profitable business, but it can also be very aggravating, time consuming, and antisocial. So here’s the big question: Why the heck do we keep putting ourselves through all of this pain? The answer, although seemingly complex, is quite simple: easy money.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
The average person thinks of affiliate marketing as a “get rich quick” scheme for geeks and nerds. Actually, it’s the farthest thing from the truth. Nowadays, you’re just as likely to find a High School dropout behind an affiliate marketing operation; as you are to find a computer science major.

Despite the revenue advantages, many successful affiliate managers are weary of transparent affiliates. After all, there’s a lot of trickery out there. You have to be on the lookout for the ‘Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.’ That’s right folk, if you’re the good guy, beware of the bad and the ugly affiliates. They’re out there right now placing infectious adware on an unsuspecting consumer’s computer.

As a marketer, it’s your responsibility to investigate your affiliates use of adware. Don’t turn your head and look the other way. It’s OUR consumers that may receive unwanted and/or destructive ads. Can you blame them for becoming angry at the marketer who (perhaps inadvertently) funds adware infections? Of course not. Destructive ads shouldn’t even be considered a marketing strategy. It’s completely unethical.

The New Guy
In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is a great starting point. If you experience success–run with the ball. Explore additional performance compensation structures. But before you even consider jumping into the game, you should ask yourself the following questions (to avoid business pitfalls):

1). Will affiliate marketing assist you in reaching all of your business targets?

2). Will affiliate marketing have advantages over other types of online marketing?

3). Do you have the time and commitment to run a developing affiliate operation (which will require time to flourish and succeed?

4). How flexible is your budget for affiliate marketing?

Here’s some background information for the ‘new guy’: Time and commitment are essential to your success. While running a network of affiliates doesn’t require a college degree, it does require your attention for details. Perhaps this is why merchants find outsourced providers offer a very appealing solution. In addition, the new guy should realize:

Not everyone will make five figures a month with affiliate marketing. There’s a lot of marketers out there. You’re the new guy, remember? Find some successful companies that use affiliate marketing. Research them. What did they do to become such a success? Can you duplicate that plan?
You’re not going to make any money eating potato chips in front of the television. If it were that easy–I’d be doing that instead of writing this article on affiliate marketing. Be prepared to devote a lot of time to your business and your affiliate relations.
Don’t take blind referrals from anyone! You’ll discover the best affiliate opportunities through your own research.
The Future
In just the last few years, affiliate marketing has become a very powerful force on ecommerce. Every day thousands, if not millions, of merchants rely on affiliate marketing to drive their businesses. But is affiliate marketing all just a big hype? What ever happened to customer service? What strange times we live in; as the value of business is no longer placed on the customer, but on the relationship with whoever facilitated the connection.

This just goes to prove that affiliate marketing is only as good as the people who run it. Remember, there are ways to get your affiliate program noticed; just make sure that you get it noticed for the right reasons. If you value internet based businesses and you’d like more job leads, educational information, and tools to aid your internet entrepreunership, then visit: (a Vertical Portal for Internet Entrepreneurs).

10 Costly Search Engine Mistakes to Avoid

If you have a website then you already know the importance of traffic. Traffic is to Internet marketing as location is to real estate. It’s the only thing that really matters. If you cannot generate targeted visitors to your site, you will not make any sales.

Usually the owner or designer of the website is the person designated to drive traffic to the site. The chief ingredient in generating traffic is the search engine. Of coarse, you can use advertising, but it’s going to cost you. Using the search engines to generate targeted (interested in your product) traffic is the least expensive method known.

Unfortunately, many website owners do not understand the importance of search engine visibility, which leads to traffic. They place more importance on producing a “pretty” website. Not that this is bad, but it is really secondary to search engine placement. Hopefully, the following list of common mistakes, made by many website owners, will help you generate more targeted traffic to your site…after all, isn’t that what you want.

1. Not using keywords effectively.
This is probably one of the most critical area of site design. Choose the right keywords and potential customers will find your site. Use the wrong ones and your site will see little, if any, traffic.

2. Repeating the same keywords.
When you use the same keywords over and over again (called keyword stacking) the search engines may downgrade (or skip) the page or site.

3. Robbing pages from other websites.
How many times have you heard or read that “this is the Internet and it’s ok” to steal icons and text from websites to use on your site. Don’t do it. Its one thing to learn from others who have been there and another to outright copy their work. The search engines are very smart and usually detect page duplication. They may even prevent you from ever being listed by them.

4. Using keywords that are not related to your website.
Many unethical website owners try to gain search engine visibility by using keywords that have nothing at all to do with their website. They place unrelated keywords in a page (such as “sex”, the name of a known celebrity, the hot search topic of the day, etc.) inside a meta tag for a page. The keyword doesn’t have anything to do with the page topic. However, since the keyword is popular, they think this will boost their visibility. This technique is considered spam by the search engines and may cause the page (or sometimes the whole site) to be removed from the search engine listing.

5. Keyword stuffing.
Somewhat like keyword stacking listed above, this means to assign multiple keywords to the description of a graphic or layer that appears on your website by using the “alt=” HTML parameter. If the search engines find that this text does not really describe the graphic or layer it will be considered spam.

6. Relying on hidden text.
You might be inclined to think that if you cannot see it, it doesn’t hurt. Wrong…. Do not try to hide your keywords or keyword phrases by making them invisible. For example, some unethical designers my set the keywords to the same color as the background of the web page; thereby, making it invisible.

7. Relying on tiny text.
This is another version of the item above (relying on hidden text). Do not try to hide your keywords or keyword phrases by making them tiny. Setting the text size of the keywords so small that it can barely be seen does this.

8. Assuming all search engines are the same.
Many people assume that each search engine plays by the same rules. This is not so. Each has their own rule base and is subject to change anytime they so desire. Make it a point to learn what each major search engine requires for high visibility.

9. Using free web hosting.
Do not use free web hosting if you are really serious about increasing site traffic via search engine visibility. Many times the search engines will eliminate content from these free hosts.

10. Forgetting to check for missing web page elements.
Make sure to check every page in your website for completeness, like missing links, graphics, etc. There are sites on the web that will do this for free.

This is just a few of the methods and techniques that you should avoid. Do not give in to the temptation that these methods will work for you. They will do more harm than good for your website.

Not only will you spend weeks of wasted effort, you may have your site banned from the search engines forever. Invest a little time to learn the proper techniques for increasing search engine visibility and your net traffic will increase.

Kebutuhan Pencatatan dalam penataan keuangan pribadi

Mengarsip dan mencatat bagi sebagian besar orang memang dianggap sebagai pekerjaan yang membosankan. Namun, itu merupakan faktor yang sangat penting dalam program dan proses penataan keuangan pribadi.

Pekerjaan pengarsipan dan pencatatan yang harus dilakukan adalah sebagai berikut:
01. Dokumen perpajakan
02. Informasi Sumber penghasilan
03. Investasi
04. Akte, surat KPR, atau surat kontrak rumah, atau aset yang lain
05. Dokumen kepemilikan aset
06. Foto atau gambar properti yang dimiliki
07. Polis asuransi
08. Rekening tagihan kartu kredit
09. Bukti pembayaran
10. Rekening koran
11. Dokumen dana / tabungan pensiun
12. Dokumen kesehatan
13. Salinan surat wasiat atau surat pribadi

Berbagai kuitansi, cek yang dibagatalkan, dan dokumentasi penting lainnya yang harus disimpan (contoh: konfirmasi pembelian dan penjualan saham), sehingga apabila akan dilakukan audit atas laporan pajak, Anda tidak mengalami kesulitan.

Sederhana atau kompleksnya penyimpanan dokumen tergantung pada kebutuhan setiap orang. Beberapa orang beranggapan, menyimpan potongan buku cek, cek yang dibatalkan, rekening bank, serta faktur penjualan sudah dirasa cukup. Lainnya beranggapapn, diperlukan suatu sistem yang lebih rumit yang memuat perhitungan buku besar, seperti pendapatan dan biaya, pencatatan atas transaksi investasi, serta catatan harian untuk mendokumentasikan biaya-biaya lain, seperti biaya usaha.

Baca juga: – Cara Mudah Mengelola Keungan Pribadi

Partai Demokrat Janjikan 1000 Tiket Final AFF 2010 untuk TKI di Malaysia

Dimuat di – Ketua Umum PD Anas Urbaningrum memastikan bila janji mereka untuk memberikan 1000 tiket gratis bagi para TKI yang ada di negeri Jiran bakal dipenuhi. 1000 Tiket Final Piala AFF 2010 tersebut saat ini dipersiapkan dan hanya tinggal didistribusikan.

Sebelumnya, Anas menjelaskan pemberian 1000 tiket ini dimaksudkan agar TKI bisa memberikan dukungan langsung pada Timnas di Bukit Jalil. Menurut Anas, sepakbola adalah masalah harga diri bangsa, bukan hanya semata teknik dan olahraga.

Kabar ini tentunya bisa jadi angin segar bagi para TKI di Malaysia terutama yang hobi bola. TKI di Malaysia yang ingin nonto final piala AFF 2010 dan kebagian jatah tiket gratis ini dapat menghemat uang mereka untuk membeli tiket yang dijual kurang lebih 30 ringgit atau setara Rp 86.000 untuk tribun terbuka dan 50 ringgit atau sekitar Rp 144.500 per lembar untuk tribun tertutup yang tiketnya hanya dijual di kompleks Stadion Bukit Jalil. Namun siapa saja 1000 TKI yang dapat jatah tiket gratis final AFF atau bagaimana cara mendapatkan jatah tiket gratis piala AFF ini belum bisa ditemukan melalui bantuan mesin pencari Google.

7 Tips Menjadi Pembicara Hebat

Kemampuan untuk berbicara di depan banyak orang adalah suatu keahlian yang mungkin tidak semua orang miliki. Bagi sebagian orang mengkomunikasikan pesan langsung ide dan gagasan di depan publik adalah sesuatu yang menakutkan yang membuat rasa percaya diri tiba-tiba menghilang begitu saja dari dalam diri. Namun bagi sebagian yang lain tampil di depan panggung bisa jadi suatu hal yang menyenangkan dan bisa memuaskan hasrat yang terpendam dalam jiwa.

Bagi beberapa orang suka atau tidak suka terkadang karena pekerjaan atau jabatan membuat mereka harus berbicara di depan orang. Bagi seorang yang memiliki kedudukan tinggi kemampuan berbicara di depan publik menjadi hal yang penting untuk menunjukkan wibawanya sebagai orang yang memimpin. Bagi pekerja profesional yang bekerja dalam bidang penjualan, kehumasan (public relation), dan pekerjaan yang memang membutuhkan keahlian berbicara di depan umum mau tidak mau kemampuan berbicara di depan orang harus dimiliki.

Kabar baiknya bagi Anda yang ingin meguasai kemampuan berbicara di depan umum, keahlian ini bisa dipelajari dan dilatih layaknya keahlian yang lain. Mungkin di dalam hati Anda mengeluh, “Saya kan tidak memiliki bakat untuk itu.” Tapi percayalah meskipun Anda berbakat tapi kalau Anda tidak berlatih bakat akan menjadi sesuatu hal yang sia-sia, namun bagi siapa saja yang mau untuk terus berlatih jalan untuk menjadi seorang yang mampu berbicara di depan publik akan terbuka.

Berikut ini adalah beberapa tips yang bisa Anda gunakan untuk meningkatkan kemampuan Anda untuk menjagi pembicara hebat:

1. Selalu berkomitmen untuk mau belajar – Lihatlah diri Anda atau tanyakan kepada keluarga, kerabat, atau bahkan orang yang baru Anda kenal pada tingkat manakah kemampuan yang telah Anda miliki untuk berbicara di depan banyak orang. Bagi Anda yang merasa masih seorang pemula komitmen untuk mau terus belajar adalah hal yang wajib Anda miliki karena memang ada banyak hal yang betul-betul harus Anda pelajari. Sedangkan bagi Anda yang sudah pada tahapan lanjut atau mungkin seorang yang sudah terbiasa berbicara di depan banyak orang komitment untuk mau belajar harus terus Anda jaga untuk menjaga rasa rendah hati yang akan menjaga pintu pikiran Anda untuk mau menerima kritik dan hal-hal baru.

2. Sepenuhnya menjadi diri sendiri – Rasa percaya diri akan muncul dan selalu hadir dalam diri Anda jika Anda mampu dengan sepenuhnya menjadi diri Anda sendiri. Jika Anda memang seseorang yang suka bercanda tidak ada salahnya untuk memasukkan joke yang menarik dalam pembicaraan Anda, tapi jika Anda memang tidak nyaman dengan tipikal yang suka bercanda jangan paksakan diri Anda untuk menjadi pelawak di atas panggung. Tampilkan kepribadian yang memang membuat Anda nyaman baik itu menjadi seorang yang penuh humor, seorang yang serius, seorang yang hangat, bahkan seorang yang penuh ungkapan-ungkapan kontrovesial pun tidak jadi masalah selama Anda menjadi diri Anda sendiri.

3. Siapkan Formulanya – Ketika Anda berbicara di depan banyak orang tentunya ada maksud yang ingin anda sampaikan. Ada pesan yang harus Anda komunikasikan di depan publik sehingga alur pembicaraan Anda harus diatur sebaik mungkin agar pesan yang Anda komunikasikan dapat diterima dengan baik oleh banyak orang. Buatlah rencana arah pembicaraan Anda. Berikut ini adalah contoh yang umum digunakan:
• Penjelasan tentang isu-isu atau permasalahan yang ada.
• Konsekuensinya kalau kita tidak mengatasi masalah tersebut.
• Penjelasan dari beberapa solusi yang bisa diambil.
• Ajakan untuk mengambil tindakan.

4. Gunakan alat bantu visual – Jika memang diperlukan dan memungkinkan gunakan sebaik mungkin alat bantu untuk memvisualisasikan ide-ide pembicaraan Anda. Video di bawah ini akan memberikan contoh tentang penggunaan alat bantu visual yang efektif dan tambahan beberapa tips menjadi pembicara hebat:

5. Tidak hanya keras, suara Anda harus jelas – Pastikan setiap kata yang keluar dari Anda diterima dengan benar oleh pendengar. Meskipun Anda harus bersuara dengan lantang namun Anda bukan sedang marah-marah di sini melainkan harus mengkomunikasikan ide-ide yang harus Anda sampaikan. Suara yang keras dan jelas akan menguntungkan Anda dan juga pendengar Anda. Bagi Anda sebagai seorang pembicara suara yang keras dan jelas akan membantu Anda menarik dan menjaga perhatian orang yang hadir (setidaknya membuat mereka tidak mudah mengantuk), dan juga membantu Anda untuk terhindar dari salah tangkap maksud dari kata-kata yang Anda ucapkan. Sedangkan bagi orang yang menyimak percakapan Anda, suara yang keras dan jelas mempermudah mereka untuk berkonsentrasi menangkap ide-ide yang Anda sampaikan.

6. Bersemangatlah! – Rasa semangat itu menular, maka tularkanlah pada orang yang sedang mendengarkan Anda agar mereka terus bersemangat mendengarkan ide-ide yang Anda sampaikan.. Buatlah diri Anda memiliki hasrat yang dalam untuk menyampaikan ide-ide yang ingin Anda bicarakan. Semangat yang Anda miliki mampu meningkatkan rasa percaya diri di depan banyak orang. Jika materi yang harus Anda bawakan kurang menarik minat Anda sendiri, berusahalah mencari cara untuk mengubahnya agar cocok dengan gaya Anda.

7. Buat cerita Anda hidup – Bagi kebanyakan orang dalam memproses informasi akan lebih nikmat dicerna jika disampaikan dalam bentuk sebuah cerita yang hidup. Dengan sebuah cerita dengan mudah pendengar Anda untuk membayangkan ide-ide yang Anda komunikasikan ke dalam pikiran mereka. Terlebih lagi jika cerita yang Anda ungkapkan adalah cerita dari pengalaman pribadi Anda sendiri, ini akan membuat mereka lebih mempercayai apa yang Anda ucapkan.

Itu tadi 7 tips menjadi pembicara hebat yang bisa Anda gunakan untuk meningkatkan keahlian Anda berbicara di depan umum. Latihlah 7 hal tersebut dan praktekanlah. Semakin banyak Anda berlatih dan melakukannya semakin mudah bagi Anda untuk berbicara di depan banyak orang, kalau kata pepatah “practice is the mother of skill.”

Semoga 7 tips menjadi pembicara hebat ini bermanfaat bagi Anda.

Batik Pekalongan

Batik pekalongan bisa dibilang merupakan batik pesisir yang kaya warta dengan ciri khasnya ragam hias yang naturalis. Motif batik pakalongan boleh dibilang lebih bebas sehingga beberapa motifnya tampak lebih variatif meskipun mirip-mirip dengan batik yang ada di Solo dan Yogyakarta. Motif batik pekalongan sangat tergolong atraktif karena pada sehelai kain batik bisa kita lihat hingga 8 warna dikombinasikan dengan berani pada satu kain. Salah satu motif kain batik pekalongan  yang terkenal adalah motif batik Jlamprang.

Sejarah Batik Pekalongan
Walaupun mungkin belum ditemukan catatan resmi kapan batik pekalongan mulai dikenal, namun dari motif batik yang sudah ada diperkirakan ada yang dibuat sekitar tahun 1802 berupa motif pohon kecil yang dijadikan bahan untuk baju.

Seiring berjalannya waktu, Batik Pekalongan mengalami perkembangan pesat dibandingkan dengan daerah lain. Di daerah ini batik berkembang di sekitar daerah pantai, yaitu di daerah Pekalongan kota dan daerah Buaran, Pekajangan serta Wonopringgo.

Perjumpaan masyarakat Pekalongan dengan berbagai bangsa seperti Cina, Belanda, Arab, India, Melayu dan Jepang pada zaman lampau telah mewarnai dinamika pada motif dan tata warna seni batik.

Sehubungan dengan itu beberapa jenis motif batik hasil pengaruh dari berbagai negara tersebut yang kemudian dikenal sebagai identitas batik Pekalongan. Motif itu, yaitu batik Jlamprang, diilhami dari Negeri India dan Arab. Lalu batik Encim dan Klengenan, dipengaruhi oleh peranakan Cina. Batik Belanda, batik Pagi Sore, dan batik Hokokai, tumbuh pesat sejak pendudukan Jepang.

Perkembangan budaya teknik cetak motif tutup celup dengan menggunakan malam (lilin) di atas kain yang kemudian disebut batik, memang tak bisa dilepaskan dari pengaruh negara-negara itu. Ini memperlihatkan konteks kelenturan batik dari masa ke masa.

Batik Pekalongan menjadi sangat khas karena bertopang sepenuhnya pada ratusan pengusaha kecil, bukan pada segelintir pengusaha bermodal besar. Sejak berpuluh tahun lampau hingga sekarang, sebagian besar proses produksi batik Pekalongan dikerjakan di rumah-rumah. Akibatnya, batik Pekalongan menyatu erat dengan kehidupan masyarakat Pekalongan yang kini terbagi dalam dua wilayah administratif, yakni Kotamadya Pekalongan dan Kabupaten Pekalongan.

Pasang surut perkembangan batik Pekalongan, memperlihatkan Pekalongan layak menjadi ikon bagi perkembangan batik di Nusantara. Ikon bagi karya seni yang tak pernah menyerah dengan perkembangan zaman dan selalu dinamis. Kini batik sudah menjadi nafas kehidupan sehari-hari warga Pekalongan dan merupakan salah satu produk unggulan. Hal itu disebabkan banyaknya industri yang menghasilkan produk batik. Karena terkenal dengan produk batiknya, Pekalongan dikenal sebagai KOTA BATIK. Julukan itu datang dari suatu tradisi yang cukup lama berakar di Pekalongan. Selama periode yang panjang itulah, aneka sifat, ragam kegunaan, jenis rancangan, serta mutu batik ditentukan oleh iklim dan keberadaan serat-serat setempat, faktor sejarah, perdagangan dan kesiapan masyarakatnya dalam menerima paham serta pemikiran baru.

Batik yang merupakan karya seni budaya yang dikagumi dunia, diantara ragam tradisional yang dihasilkan dengan teknologi celup rintang, tidak satu pun yang mampu hadir seindah dan sehalus batik Pekalongan.