4 reasons why you should use Social Bookmarking to boost your website traffic

Social Bookmarking has become a great way to drive traffic for Internet Marketers and commercial businesses. Over the years, we have seen the emergence of more Social Bookmarking sites due to their popularity and you will always see this topic being covered in any Internet Marketing Course.

What is it exactly?

Wikipedia defines it as a place where users are able to create and store online bookmarks to places on the interest that they feel useful.

Essentially, this is the same concept as using an Internet Browser to bookmark a page that interests the user. The only difference is that the online bookmarks placed on Social Bookmarking sites are made public. This means that those who share the same interest as you may view and click on the bookmarks that you recommend. The other benefit is that everybody can now access these bookmarks from any computer, whether they are at home, at work or on the road.

In Marketing terms, it means you can use this means to drive traffic to your blog or to your affiliate links. The more you bookmarked, the more traffic you create. Cool, huh?

Why should you use Social Bookmarking for traffic generation?

It’s Free!
You register free and post free on all Social Bookmarking sites. Because of that, there is a huge community out there and there is a very high chance that many are going to stumble upon your bookmarks and get directed to your blog or affiliate links.

You gain backlinks from trusted domains
Many of these Social Bookmarking sites are crawled by the major Search Engines every second. The more you post and leave bookmarks on multiple bookmarking sites, you more you are going to get noticed by the Search Engines. Eventually, your ranking with the Search Engines are going to rise and that simply means more traffic!

You have control over what keywords your bookmarks appear under
This means you can decide what tags to use. Before you post, you should perform a keyword research online to get the keywords that are specific to your niche or products you are promoting.

It is viral
Those who like your post may save it under their accounts! The more saved accounts you accumulate the more popular your post becomes. It is extremely viral because those who save your posts are likely targeted like-minded audiences who become your free marketing agents!